Monday, September 17, 2007

First Posting

Well, here's my first posting - my official entry into blogdom. I will be periodically posting information about the activities of Timothy Hawley Books, the Contre Coup Press, and who knows what else. I've been issuing catalogues of books for sale since 1984, and have been operating my private press since 1979. I've been selling books on the internet at various websites for a good long time, with my books currently being listed only on I've been selling stuff - mostly type specimens and related materials - on Ebay for a year or so. My Contre Coup Press books typically sell out immediately, which sounds like quite an accomplishment until you realize that I usually print 30 or fewer copies, and give quite a few of those away, so it only takes a few purchasers to drive the books out of print pretty quickly. A number of out-of-print Contre Coup Press books are being offered by various booksellers at and other bookselling sites. We are awaiting receipt of the latest book from our bookbinder, and will note its availability here as soon as it arrives. I guess that's all for now.

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