Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bacher Aluminum Composing Stick

In contrast to the cheap aluminum stick described yesterday, here is a very nice, well-made stick that also has an aluminum body - but there the comparison ends. This stick was manufactured by the Bacher company, which I believe is a German company. The stick is 10-1/4 inches long and 12 picas deep. It opens to a line measure of 48 picas, which is stamped into the stick. The end-plate of the stick is steel, and is riveted to the stick body. The aluminum body is much thicker and stronger than the body of the cheap stick in yesterday's post.
The knee bears some resemblance to the Buckeye knee, with a clamp that screws against the knee with a lever. However, unlike the Buckeye, the clamp goes around the rail and under the body of the stick.
This stick has a really nice feel to it. This particular one has some ownership markings on the bottom of the body: "G DUNN JT/IT". I assume that G Dunn is the name of the compositor, and JT/IT may be the name of the company where he worked - that's all speculation, of course.

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