Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cheesy Aluminum Composing Stick

Here is possibly the cheapest, cheesiest stick that is in my collection. This thing is an abject piece of crap! Awful! It's made out of thin aluminum, with the end-piece riveted to the body. The knee is a simple bent piece of aluminum, with a clamp that is just a bent piece of steel with a thumbscrew. There is no identification of manufacturer, as if anyone would admit to it. It's nine inches long and ten picas deep. It opens to about 38 picas.
Cheap and poorly made as it is, it probably does the job OK. But I sure wouldn't want to set up a form that has to be put into a large chase and fit nicely, because I would be afraid that the squeeze exerted when I justified the lines of type would bend the damn stick and make the measure irregular. I'd want to be very careful to not justify the lines too tightly.
Anybody who knows who is responsible for this disgraceful piece of junk can email me at

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