Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sibs: A Contre Coup Press Book

Here's the second-smallest edition printed to date by the Contre Coup Press (the smallest edition was a book produced in an edition of zero copies! That is, it was produced in an edition of ten copies, all copies being bound and then destroyed as an exercise in non-attachment.).
This book is entitled Sibs. It was printed in 1994 in an edition of just one copy. The book is 10 by 7 inches, with 28 pages. It was printed on Basingwerk Parchment paper, another wonderful paper that is no longer being made - Basingwerk was a beautiful, very smooth paper made from esparto grass, and I printed a couple of books on it. Amazingly enough, I had this single copy of the book bound by Fritz Eberhard, the renowned bookbinder, calligrapher and book artist. Actually, I had several books that I had him bind for re-sale, and so I tossed this one in just for fun. It is bound in silk sloth with leather labels on the spine and the front cover.
The book came about when someone (I don't remember who) took a roll of photographs of my two sons horsing around in our back yard. When I got the pictures developed, it struck me that I could arrange the pictures to tell a little story of sorts - so I did so, and wrote a humorous narrative to accompany the photographs, tipping the original photographs into the book.
By the way, although it doesn't say so anywhere on this site, if you place the cursor over any of the photographs and left click the mouse, you will get a much larger version of the photograph. So if you'd like to get a closer look at anything, just click on it.
It's funny to look at these pictures. My older son, Jordan, was about 15 years old, and my younger son, Noel, was 12. Jordan is now in his early thirties, and runs the comedy club in Lexington, Kentucky, Comedy Off Broadway. He has two daughters, Samantha and Clara. Noel works in a residential program for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. He also is a musician, having toured the U.S., Europe and Japan with a singer/songwriter named Tara Jane O'Neill. He is also working on a baccalaureate degree in nursing. Kids do grow up, don't they.

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