Sunday, April 20, 2008

"For My Daddy" by Leon Retharp

Sometimes you're just fooling around, and you print a little piece of ephemera just to amuse yourself - this is an example.
When my younger son, Noel was about five years old, he abruptly said to his mother one day, "Write this down!" She got out a paper and a pencil, and he said, "This is for my daddy." He then proceeded to dictate the exact words that I printed on this little broadside. It's very funny, very zen, sort of. I think that it was basically an effort to document his accomplishments. If you click on the illustration, you can see a larger format that you should be able to read.
The broadside is 8-1/4 by 5 inches. It was set in Van Dijck and Cochin Open typefaces and printed on Okawara student grade paper. I printed 175 copies, of which 151 were for the Amalgamated Printers Association, to which I belonged at the time.
Leon Retharp is Noel's first and middle names spelled backwards - Noel Prather. Years later, when Noel was working as a musician, he played some instruments on a CD that listed his name as "Brather" - some kind of bastardization of Prather. Go figure.

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