Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cheesy European Composing Stick

Lest anyone conclude that Americans are the only ones who make cheap, cheesy composing sticks, we offer this bit of evidence to the contrary.
This is a very cheap, primitive stick that bears a superficial resemblance to the typical higher quality European sticks. The knee looks a bit similar, and there appears to be a strap surrounding the knee and the stick to exert pressure with the clamp to tighten the stick. But there the similarities end.
The body of the stick is made of aluminum, and it is 10 inches long. Unless I am mistaken, the knee is also aluminum, as is the end-plate. The end-plate is actually just screwed to the body of the stick, using round-head screws!! I have never seen this method of attaching the end-plate before. Even with the knee removed, this stick won't lie flat because of the protruding screw heads.
The strap that goes around the knee is not a complete strap, but just a bent length of steel, as can be seen in the photograph above. And instead of the screw mechanism that is used on the typical European stick, this one just uses a simple thumbscrew that presses against the knee, using the partial strap to exert pressure.
Junky, junky, junky. I suppose that it would do the job in a pinch, but it doesn't feel right in the hand at all - kind of like a cheap toy instead of a tool. Yuck!

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