Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wooden Poster Stick

Here's another real beauty. This is a typical high quality wooden composing stick, often called a "poster stick" because its large size allows for the setting of line lengths adequate for poster-size work. The stick is about 24-3/4 inches long, with a depth of 14 picas. I'm not positive what kind of wood that this stick is made of, but wooden sticks are typically of mahogany or walnut, and I believe that this stick is one of those woods.
The knee is solid brass, without a brace, and the clamp is also brass. There is a brass lining on the end-plate of the stick. This stick was obviously used and treasured, as it has been skillfully repaired in several places. Whoever owned this stick valued it enough to repair it rather than discarding it when it was broken.
There are no markings on the stick. I obtained it from England, so I am presuming that it was probably made there, although it may have been imported originally from America.

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