Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cefmor British Composing Stick

Here's another variation of the typical British composing stick. This one is stamped "Cefmor London", so I assume that Cefmor is the manufacturer or distributor. This stick is twelve inches long, and has a depth of only 10 picas - rather shallow. The stick itself is stamped out of sheet metal, and it appears to be nickel-plated, rather than being stainless steel. The knee is very similar to the typical British knee, with the strap encircling the stick. But the clamp is different than the typical stick. This clamp consists of a lever attached to a screw mechanism that is at an angle to the stick, and exerts pressure on the strap when turned, thereby locking the knee in place. One oddity is the end-plate, which is a quarter-circle shaped block that is riveted to the stick - the final photo shows the rivets on the back - I've not seen one quite like this before.
For some reason my pictures are rotated on this post - I don't know why. Sorry.

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